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People In are waiting for access to the 1K Daily Profit software

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Welcome! I’m John Becker

Founder, 1K Daily Profit
I’d like to take the time to personally welcome you to 1K Daily Profit!

You’re here because you received a private invitation from me personally or another one of our members who thinks very highly of you and has put in a special request for YOU to join our inner circle.

When I created the 1K Daily Profit software, I knew that I wanted to create a community of regular hard-working people like you and I. A community who can all enjoy in the happiness and FREEDOM that making $1,000 in profits every day brings to our life.

The little-known algorithm I tell you about in the video is the very same system billionaire investors like Warren Buffet have already been using for years.

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John Becker
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  • Auto-Trade Functionality

    Our auto-trade functionality lets you make profits – even when you’re away from your desk. Prefer to make your own trades? Just use our manual option.
  • 24/7 Support

    As a member of our inner circle, our friendly customer support manager will answer any question you might have 24/7.
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    Get exclusive access to industry insights and quick and effective tips you can use to maximize your profits.
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    Join the community and hear from others using 1K Daily Profit. In this invite-only members area, you can get tips, share success stories, and more!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Our members typically profit a minimum of $1,000 each and every single day. That amounts to about $30,000 a month. And about $365,000 a year.
  • How many hours per day do I need to work?

    Members work an average of 1 hour a day and earn a healthy stream of income.
  • Is there a maximum that I can make?

    Your income with 1K Daily Profit is not capped. You have unlimited potential and you are free to make as much money as you would like.
  • How much does this cost?

    The 1K Daily Profit software will cost you absolutely nothing. I am sharing this with you absolutely FREE. All you have to do is fill out the form below to register to become a member.
  • Is this like MLM, Affiliate Marketing or Forex?
    This is not like MLM, affiliate marketing, Forex, or anything else out there. The software is powered by a totally new algorithm that wins trades with 99.8% accuracy.
  • Are there any fees?
    There are zero hidden fees. No surprises. This will not cost you a dime. Just fill out the form below and become a member now.
  • What are the steps I must take to open an account on 1K Daily Profit?

    The first step is to register yourself on our website. Go to the homepage where you will find a registration form asking for your name, email, and password to set up your account. You will be connected to the best broker in your region.

    The next step is to deposit $250 with the broker. That is an initial deposit that remains in your account. You can withdraw this entire amount any time you wish to. One of our senior account managers will help you to do this.

    At this point, we recommend that you read up about 1K Daily Profit, how it works, and its various features.

    Once you have familiarized yourself with the application and the working of the software, you can start making trades. Your senior account manager will guide you every step of the way and teach you the best strategies to become a successful online trader.
  • How can I keep myself safe on 1K DailyProfit?

    We have taken the highest security measures while creating the 1K Daily Profit platform. However, there are some things you can do to ensure you are doubly safe.

    1. Create strong passwords
    • Make sure the password is a minimum of eight characters long.
    • Make the password a combination of upper case and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
    • Do not use numbers or alphabets in a sequence – 23456789 or abcdefgh.
    • Make the password random, meaningless, and hard to decipher.
    • Remember your password.
    • Don’t make the password related to you.
    • Use a different password for every account.

    2. Use two-factor authentication (2FA)
    This is a type of additional security coverage that requires you to enter a one-time verification code along with your password when you want to log into your online account.

    3. Social engineering
    Social engineering is a kind of trick on someone trying to get into your account. Social engineering requires them to perform some type of action or reveal confidential information that only you would know. Of course, you would have pre-programmed this information into your computer, and therefore you know what this information is. Security questions are a form of social engineering. Some types of security questions are:
    • What is your mother’s maiden name?
    • What was the name of your first school teacher?
    • What is your favorite color?

    4. Take concrete steps to prevent data theft
    • Don’t provide your account login details to anybody.
    • Don’t open email attachments from strangers.
    • Check the web address before entering sensitive data.

    5. Be aware and notify of any strange activity
    Keep a regular check on your account information, bank balance, credit and debit card details, and transactions made from your card. We should be notified of any discrepancies, as well as the police so that further action can be taken.
  • How long before I start earning money on 1K Daily Profit?

    You will start making money as soon as you learn how to use the software and start trading. Your account manager will help you get started. How long before you start earning money will also depend on factors like the volatility of the markets and how much time you are willing to spend at your computer every day.
  • How can 1K Daily Profit make me rich?

    You will buy/sell units for a particular instrument, depending on whether you think the price will go up or down. When the cost of the instrument falls in your favor, you gain CFD units that you have bought or sold. For every point in your favor, you gain several CFD units. The more points you earn, the more CFD units you will gain over time.

    It is important to remember that just like CFD can make you rich, the CFD can also lead to losses. For every point that the price moves against your favor, you will suffer a loss.
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